Evening Menu

Homemade Damper Bread (V) On Arrival       
balsamic, mellow cold pressed rapeseed oil and Queensland macadamia dukkah


Soup of the Day (V) 6         

Avocado (V) 7         
stuffed with Spicy beans and a dukkah crust
Cornish Yarg and Mushroom Arancinis (V) 7
beetroot hummus                                 

Cornish Cauliflower Wrapped in Kataifi Pastry (V)  7
plum and ginger chutney and infused curry oil

Numbing Chicken Wings (Spicy!!) 7
szechuan pepper, scallions, birds eye chillies and gotcha ketchup

Crab and Fish Cake 7                                         
sweet chilli, lime and gin sauce

Alpine Bush Pepper Calamari 7
bush pepper, lemon and garlic mayonnaise

Kangaroo Bruschetta 7.5
Toasted Italian bread, tomato and onion salsa, herb oil

BBQ Style Coconut King Prawns 7.5
citrus, chilli and mango

Wild Boar and Chorizo Scotch Egg 7.6
harissa and rose petal sauce

‘Bush Tucker Sharing Platter’ 15.9
wild boar and chorizo scotch egg, bush pepper calamari, crab and fish cakes


Slow Cooked Pork Belly 15
Polgoon cider gastrique, black pudding, potato puree and sauteed greens                                                                    

Chicken Al Forno 15.5
baked chicken breast, bacon, avocado and brie
roasted potatoes, sundried tomato tapenade and sautéed greens

Braised Lamb Shoulder 17
celeriac puree, jus and seasonal vegetables


Artichoke, Sweet Potato and Tomato Risotto 13
chilli, garlic, coriander, brunoise vegetables and white wine

Antipasto Polenta Tart 14
selection of marinated Mediterranean vegetables, mozzarella and pesto

Pumpkin Gnocchi 14
Cornish blue cheese, sundried tomatoes, spinach and pumpkin cream sauce

Beetroot Waffle 14
Barter family goat’s curd and beetroot salad, puree beetroot and balsamic reduction

Curried Quinoa, Seeds and Parsnip Rosti 14
smashed avocado, chilli, nuts and seeds, and sautéed greens


Crispy Skin Seabass 15.5
smashed avocado, chilli, nuts and seeds
hand cut sweet potato wedges, sautéed greens

Seafood Risotto 16.5
king prawns, squid and fish, parmesan, brunoise vegetables and white wine

Fish or seafood special available daily, please ask our friendly staff


400g British Rump Steak 16.5

200g British Fillet Steak  21

480g British Chateau Briand (for 2 people) minimum 30 minute cooking time 50

All steaks come with sweet potato wedges, marinated mushroom and mixed leaf salad
Choice of sauce – bush pepper sauce, cabernet jus or red desert spice butter
Add 3 King Prawns or Bush Pepper Calamari 5.5

200g Outback Spiced Kangaroo Loin 18.5
sautéed greens, hand cut sweet potato wedges, port and bush pepper reduction


Seasonal Vegetables 2.9
Sautéed Greens 2.9
Potatoes 2.9
Sweet Potato Wedges 2.9
Chips 2.9