Homemade Desserts

Sticky Pear and Date Pudding 6
caramel sauce and vanilla and honeycomb semi-freddo

Upside Down Mango Cheesecake 6
macadamia nut crumble

Passion Fruit and Banana Pavlova 6
passion fruit puree, banana and Cornish double cream

Chocolate and Orange Torte 6
orange reduction, candied ginger and Cornish clotted cream

Raspberry Sorbet
Passionfruit curd, pistachio and almond biscotti 6

Dessert Special 6
(please ask our friendly waiters)

Cornish and West Country Cheeseboard 9
Please order at beginning of meal to allow cheese to come to room temperature
Cornish blue, Cornish yarg and West Country brie all 30g portions, crackers, chutney, walnuts and fruit