Breakfast Menu

Homemade Banana Bread  3 

Breakfast Focaccia 4.7

any two items in a toasted focaccia

Padstow’s butchers bacon, pork sausage, vegetarian sausage,

Cornish free range egg, marinated flat mushroom 

Cornish Free Range Eggs on Focaccia 4.7

two eggs (scrambled, poached or fried), tomato and focaccia

Australian Thick Style Pancakes

two stack served with ice cream and maple syrup

Plain 5.2

Banana 6.2


English Breakfast 6.7

two slices of Padstow’s butchers bacon, pork sausage, Cornish free range egg, tomato, beans,

sweet potato wedges, mushroom, focaccia 

Black Kangaroo 7

Blackened spiced kangaroo sausage patties, black pudding, baked beans, poached eggs and focaccia 

Smoked Salmon and Cornish Free ranged Scrambled Eggs 7

with toasted focaccia 

Eggs Benedict

Cornish free range poached eggs with hollandaise, tomato, served on focaccia

Spinach or plain 6.5

Bacon or Smoked Salmon or pulled bbq jack fruit 7


Caramel Waffle 6.5

vanilla icecream, caramel sauce 

Maple Waffle 7.2

Padstow butcher’s bacon, Cornish poached eggs and maple syrup 

Dukkah Eggs 7.2

Cornish free ranged poached eggs sprinkled with housemade dukkah, avocado, halloumi, tomato, lemon and focaccia

Roasted Vegetable and chickpea hash 7.2

Cornish free range eggs, spinach and chimichurri sauce

Vegan 7.2

avocado, sweet potato wedges, focaccia, chipotle relish, roast vegetable and chickpea sausage , tomato,                   

marinated mushroom